Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friday Night Football: Both Teams Won???

I tried to get to my son's football game on time.  Really I did.  I just didn't take into account Friday night traffic or construction or my gps getting me lost (yes, I blame my gps!).  But get there I did and wow what an incredible finish to a (supposedly) great game.  Although the score reflected our team won this game, I witnessed something far better than a score on the scoreboard and consider both teams winners. 

First, we have an awesome junior high cheerleading squad.  Win or lose, they support those boys by cheering them on and encouraging them.  Those girls work really hard day in and day out and give up their social lives to support a group of boys.  After every game, they rally around the boys and do some game end cheer (top left pic).

Secondly, both teams gathered mid-field and prayed together.  Yes, I said that correct.  Junior high boys and their coaches praying on a football fied on a Friday night.  This is the pic on the top right.

Thirdly, the cheerleaders then joined them and prayed.  Awesome.  Pic is on the bottom left.

Finally, the boys and girls and coaches do something called Eagle Jacks...jumping jacks at the end of the game.  Aren't these kids tired enough?  Nope, I guess this is some end-of-the-game bonding ritual.  I probably would be passing out from exhaustion at that point, but not the team.  They did their ealge jacks (bottom right pic) and called it a game.

Seriously, what a cool thing to watch on a Friday night.  Two teams trying to win but in the end joining hands and thanking God that we exist, breathe and enjoyed a night of football.  I say that is success at its best.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Latest Scrapbook Layouts, Heidi Swapp Vintage Chic Pink Paislee Color Magic Color Shine Mistables and More!

Hello Again!  I am going to slowly add some of my most recent work and would love any input you may have to give me.  These may be repeats for those that follow me on instagram or have been in my class with Nic Howard or Heidi Swapp.  I am already working on this week's layout so when I am done, I will post that one.  Thanks for looking!!

Two of my sisters way back when!

My mom when she was young

My sweet grandparents

My daugther in Paris this summer.  My attempt, a bit unsuccessfully, at Steampunk

My sister, Nancy and I on my recent trip to Wisconsin

The top pic "flips" up using the brad on the top right side of the main photo

Today's Projects: Vintage Windows with Heidi Swapp Vintage Chic Paper; A&M and Longhorns Christmas Wreaths

 Today I have been busy sanding and washing old windows that I recently purchased.  I love the look and there are so many things you can do with them.  Just look on Pinterest and you will see all the great things people have done with them:  add chalkboard paint, spray Looking Glass, add fabric, add vinyl letters or simply add photos or keep them plain.  One idea that I am excited about is it to add some of Heidi Swapp's new Vintage Chic paper to each panel of a window.  What do you think?

Another project I am working on is making Longhorn and Aggie wreaths.  I made one for my son last year and thought they were kinda cute.  Look at the stash I purchased during the after Christmas sale at Hobby Lobby last year?  Woohoo.  I am excited to get busy.  Thanks again for reading my new blog.  I love being able to share and would so appreciate learning from you all.  Blessings!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Swimming Anyone?

I did something this morning that deserves some kind of reward.  Earlier this summer I bought a pool...ahh the "Summer Escape" from Walmart, an 8 ft quick set up ring pool fully equiped with a filter (the quick set up was a lie by the way).  Now lets not get carried away and think this was an 8 ft. deep pool.  It was 8 feet wide. Nothing but the best for my kiddos.  Well, that baby has been deflated and in the grass for some time.  To be honest, I think it had some west nile virus growing in it.  On a whim this morning, I decided it was time to clean the pool.  What an incredibly disgusting job but I had some friends to help me:  soft scrub, bleach, dawn and a high powered water extension nozzle for my hose.  

My pool cleaning friends

All clean!
Don't feel too bad for me because I realized there are some great benefits from head to toe using my cleaning system.  Here they are:  no need to visit my hair dresser for a while as I now have unnaturally bleached highlights in my hair; no need for a mani/pedi as my hands and feet have so many layers off of them, they are looking mighty fine!.  The best news is that next year when it is 115 degrees here in Texas, all I have to do is pull out a really clean pool and do that quick set up!

Who Needs Followers? I do!

Thanks to my friend Kim, I might actually have followers now on my new blog since I failed to add a follow button yesterday.  I told her on IG that my blog should be called blonde in the brain (no offense to any other blondes out there).  I should change my profile pic as right now my hair is actually brownish/red but I did such a great job with the photoshopping on that pic, it might be around for years to come.  JK.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A reason to begin a blog, scrapbook page with Heidi Swapp Vintage Chic

 I woke up early this morning and finished a layout that means a lot to me because it has pictures on it of my step-father who passed away last October.  I know it isn't the most up-beat subject to talk about, but for me it is a way to honor this wonderful man.  I am blessed to have known him.

You see, I acted incredibly stupid and immature back when my mom and Michael were married 20+ years ago. (OK, I still act that way at times!)  I chose not to attend their wedding.  I could have.  I should have.  I regret that decision all the time.  Here is the great news.  Michael never held that against me.  When they got married, Michael already had a daugther but inherited four step-daugthers (me being the youngest).  He never, ever treated us as "step-children".  He loved us all the same.  For that, I am forever grateful.  More on that story another time, but for now I will show you my page dedicated to the best step-father in the world.

Almost all of the paper, tags, instaframes and openable are from Heidi Swapp .  You will soon find out that I am in love with all her products.  I have a little space at a boutique here in Arlington so I am officially a HS retailer (if you ever need any products, let me know as I still have some Sugar Chic and No Limits items left).  I took a 12 week class from her called The Art of Observation from Big Picture Classes that revolutionized the way I scrapbooked.  I will eventually upload pictures from that class as it was awesome.  Her new line, Vintage Chic, just came out so I am loving playing with all the great products, including the incredible Color Shine.  I am learning a few tricks using that product and will share some of my insight on another post soon.  Thanks for stopping by and look forward to me sharing some of the fall crafts I have been making, as well as more scrapbooking pages and memory files!  Blessings to you all.