Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Heidi Swapp Christmas Decoration

Hello Everyone!  I am so excited to share this frame, inspired by my friend, Lorrie Nunemaker.  She totally came up with the idea to use a frame and d rings to do any number of things...birthday countdowns, Christmas countdowns or sayings.  Since I happen to have several frames right at my disposal, I whipped this little honey up in no time.  Heidi Swapp has been gracious enough to give all kinds of free printables and the saying on this frame is one of her freebies.  The "candy cane" banner is also a freebie from her. I hope you enjoy and this inspires you to make your own framed art.  Please share with me when you do.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

Monday, December 3, 2012

City Sidewalks Family Holiday Book with Heidi Swapp's Chipboard Folder

Hi!  I was blessed with an early Christmas present:  The Cinch.  I have heard so many great things about this book binding tool but until I purchased it and played with it this past weekend, I didn't know what I was missing.  Wow.  This is some incredible piece of equipment and I have only bound one book.  It is like the gift giving world has opened up to me and I can see so many uses for this. 

I made one of my sisters a gratitude calendar out of a Heidi Swapp folder this past summer.  She emailed me this morning asking me if I could make three of them for her family members, her husband and her two grown kids (one girl and one guy).  I immediately thought I could use Heidi's mini chipboard folders for the outside and her free calendar printable to incorporate inside the book.  I think for both of the guys the book binding method will be perfect using some Tim Holtz paper, gears, clocks, etc.  I can't wait to start!  Back to the project at hand, though.

When I brought the Cinch home, I knew I wanted to make a family recipe/traditions book with lots of interactive pages.  I am going to ask my family members to email me their favorite holiday recipes and then I will insert them in the book.  I am then going to take photos of my family's special traditions and add those as well with some journaling.  What a neat gift to pass down from generation to generation. 

Using Heidi's chipboard file folder as the front and back cover is a must, in my opinion.  You can either use Color Shine or cover it with paper.  I chose paper this time because I love Pink Paislee's City Sidewalks line and wanted the book to have that as an overall theme.  I did add in some of Heidi's Vintage Chic papers in the form of mini-mini file folders that I cut from my Silhouette.  I also added some pages out of a "brag book" so that I can slip some photos in those sleeves.

It was when I completed the book that I decided I needed to share this idea with everyone and offer a great deal on a kit.  So, please see my previous post on the City Sidewalks Kit which retails for nearly $48.00 and I have on sale for $32.99.  Crazy, I know, but you will love it and I wanted it to be affordable during this time when we spend more money.

I would love your feedback on my first book.  Be honest, but be nice! :)  I had a blast making it (and stayed up until 5:00 a.m. the other morning just to finish the inside pages).  I can see so many more books in my future. I have watched all the episodes Heidi has on her My Craft Channel and have thought how nice those books would be.  Now, I have completely jumped on the bandwagon and away I go!  Thanks for stopping by and let me know when you make your book.

Pink Paislee's City Sidewalks/Snow Days and Heidi Swapp Kit for Sale!

The holidays are right around the corner and I have been working on a Family Holiday Traditions book (will post that book later).  I am going to include favorite family recipes, as well as our family traditions.  I know this little book will be cherished for generations.  It was so easy and fun to make using Pink Paislee’s City Sidewalks and Snow Day line with a Heidi Swapp Chipboard Folder as the cover.  This book is just one way of using these awesome products  You can also use the items for Christmas cards, scrapbook projects and much more.

I have put together a kit with lots of City Sidewalks items, Snow Day Wood Shapes and a package of Heidi Swapp’s Chipboard Folders.  This is such a great kit at an even greater price.  You will receive:

24 various double-sided 12x12 City Sidewalks (CS) paper
1 package of CS Paper Garland
1 package of CS Glitter Snowflakes
1 package of CS Ephemera
1 package of CS Parcel Tags
1 package of Snow Day Wood Shapes
1 package of Heidi Swapp’s Chipboard Memory File Folders

The retail value of this kit is nearly $48.00.  For this week from December 3, 2012 through December 9, 2012, the price is only $32.99, plus shipping. I can ship internationally!  Please email me with your order at and don’t forget to check out my website at for more Heidi Swapp and Pink Paislee goodness. You can look at my past post regarding the City Sidewalks Line to get individual pictures of the items you will receive. Thanks!

Pink Paislee's City Sidewalks/Snow Day and Heidi Swapp Kit for $32.99!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

New Updated Blog!!!

A big shout out goes to my friend Lorrie who updated my blog.  Isn't is wonderful?  Thanks so much, Lorrie, for being the techno friend in my life!!! Woohoo  I love it.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you think!  Thanks.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Heidi Swapp's Memory Display Stand

     I absolutely, positively love Heidi's Memory Display Stand.  There are so many different ways you can use one.  Heidi demonstrated on her show "Create to Remember" on My Craft Channel how to incorporate a calendar on it (and even gave a free printable!).  The link:

     I have had my Memory Display Stand sitting on my work table since the day I purchased it.  I kept it "empty" for quite some time because I think it is beautiful the way it is.  Then I received some unusual pieces of jewelry so I put those on it. 

Yesterday on Instagram, Heidi mentioned this "I am preparing for 12 days of Christmas freebies on my blog! You might want to get yourself a Memory Display Stand."  Wow! I love freebies and can't wait to see what she will give us to use with this beautiful stand.  Do you have your Memory Display Stand?  If not, email me to purchase one for only $13.99.  Remember to check out my website at to see everything else I sell.  Thanks and have a great weekend!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Heidi Swapp Color Shine Color Magic Tag and Pink Paislee Mistable Tag using some Vintage Chic

Hello and Happy Thursday!  December is almost here and I am gearing up for the hustle and bustle.  I have been spending lots of time with my kids as they had off of school the entire week before Thanksgiving.  We did the annual Black Friday shopping but started Thursday night around 8:00 p.m. and ended at 5:00 a.m. Friday morning. Each year it takes me a little longer to recover from those all nighters but I wouldn't change it for the world.  My kids and I have such a blast!  It isn't really about the deals, but about spending time together, enjoying Starbucks at 11:00 p.m. and watching all the other people around us.

I haven't had much time to create so it was nice to sit down for a few minutes and make these tags.  With every Heidi Swapp or Pink Paislee order I send out, I include a handmade tag.  I think great customer service doesn't happen much these days, so my goal is to make each of my customers feel like they matter, which they do! 
I love using Heidi Swapp's Color Shine because it is so versitile.  On the first tag I used both Mint Green and Amethyst.  You can see that I used it on the Color Magic paper, the seam binding, the measuring tape ribbon, the star, the banner delight and the clothespin.

The photo didn't turn out so well on the second tag so I apologize for that.  I used Tropicana Teal on Pink Paislee's Mistables paper, the small rectangular chipboard, the seam binding and the bottom layer of the flower.  I used the Vintage Chic buzz word "fun" on the tag and the Vintage Chic Sentiment Sticker "Never Give Up" on the chipboard tag.   

Thanks so much for stopping by and looking at this week's creations.  I am working on a fun project using Heidi's Memory Display Stand that I will be showing off soon.  Have a fabulous weekend!  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Heidi Swapp Kits for Sale

I love selling fabulous products from Heidi Swapp and Pink Paislee.  I have lots more pictures on my website at but check out some of these great products and deals:

Sugar Chic Kit Price $42.99 plus shipping
I only have 2 of these kits left so don't hesitate on this sweet deal and don't forget you will also receive a free surprise gift with every order.

Each Sugar Chic (SC) kit includes one package of the following:  SC 12 x 12 Paper Pack (double-sided patterns 2 of each design 24 sheets total), SC Banner Delights, SC Stix, SC Bow Ties, SC Pennants, Sunshine Trimmings, Memory File Openables,  Memory File Color Labels

Sugar Chic Kit Price $42.99 plus shipping

I have 3 No Limits kits so please let me know if you would like one of them.  You can email me at or Thanks and don't forget your free surprise gift!
Each No Limits (NL) kit includes one package of the following:  NL 12 x 12 Paper Pack (double-sided patterns 2 of each design 24 sheets total), NL Banner Delights, NL Stix, Triumph Stix, NL Pennants, Destination Pennants, Memory File Openables,  Memory File Sentiment Storage, Memory Fille Color Labels

Kit price $44.99 plus shipping

No Limits Kit Price $44.99 plus shipping

Saturday, November 10, 2012

City Sidewalks and Snow Day by Pink Paislee for sale! Great Christmas paper for cards and scrapbooking.

 The holidays are just around the corner and I couldn't be more excited!  I think people fall into two categories regarding celebrating Christmas:  the before Thanksgiving celebrators and the after Thanksgiving celebrators. I happen to be the before Thanksgiving celebrator (is that even a word...celebrator?...sounds good to me!).  We put up our Christmas tree, decorate the house and listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving.  I don't think it takes away from Thanksgiving at all as I embrace the thankfullness of Thanksgiving with a red and green decorated home!

On that note, last month I purchased some of the City Sidewalks items from Pink Paislee and fell in love with them.  I decided they were too cute not to share so I have added them to what I sell and have even put them on sale!  Check out the adorable card by Jennifer Evans on Heidi Swapp's blog using the City Sidewalks line.  It is so sweet!  You will love this festive line.  Plus, I have added three other embellishments from Pink Paislee's Snow Day line that coordinate with the City Sidewalks line.  The blues are a bit different but when you put the dimensional snowman stickers with the glitter snowflakes on a piece of the red snowflake Santa's Workshop cute!

Please email me at with your order.  Don't forget I have the entire collection of Heidi's Vintage Chic line along with every color of Color Shine.  Plus, I have several kits left of her No Limits and Sugar Chic lines.  For these kits, check out my previous posts.  Thanks and make it a great day!

City Sidewalks Paper Special Delivery .75 per sheet
City Sidewalks Paper Santa's Workshop .75 per sheet

City Sidewalks Paper Park Place .75 per sheet

City Sidewalks Candy Shoppe Paper .75 per sheet

City Sidewalks Snowflakes Glitter Chipboard Stickers $4.75
City Sidewalks Parcel Tags $3.75

City Sidewalks Ephemera $4.75

City Sidewalks Paper Garland $3.75

Snow Day Ephemera $4.75

Snow Day Dimensional Stickers $3.75

Snow Day Wood Shapes $4.75

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Confession Time about handmade cards! I used Heidi Swapp Color Magic paper and Pink Paislee's Mistables paper, Artisan Collection with Color Shine

Wow, it has been a while since I have blogged.  It starts to get very busy around this time of the year for everyone so I like to take some time to really enjoy some down time.  Our recent down time was a trip to New Orleans and Grand Isle, Louisana during fall break  My kids, two of their friends and I had a blast.  This trip was extra special because I met a crafter friend for the first time.  My friend Anna and I both took Heidi Swapp's the Art of Observation class and got to know each other through the on-line class and then continued to communicate via email and phone calls when the class ended.  Anna invited my family to Grand Isle, probably not really expecting me to take her up on her offer but I did! She was a gracious host and we even had some time sharing and creating together.  None of us wanted to return home but all things must come to an end.

As my kids have been back in full swing of school, my husband busy at church, I have been doing lots of different activities.  As you may know, I have a space at the boutique The Shoppes at Brownstone Village.  I have been sprucing things up and trying to get ready for the holiday season fast upon us.

I have also been having an incredible time playing with Heidi's Color Shine misting spray.  I shared several posts ago about this great product and I finally put it into real action with making lots of homemade cards.  I have to say, after using it quite a bit, it still stands up to the high quality it was in the beginning.  Some sprays simply give out after a while but not this one.  It is awesome to the very end (thank goodness for back up bottles!).

I have a confession to make and hopefully I am not the only one like this.  I can be a bit selfish when it comes to giving away my handmade things.  Yikes, I said it.  Here is the good news.  I have figured a way around my selfishness.  If I have a lot of something (such as cards) then I don't feel bad at all giving some away.  So, I have been making card after card after card.  Now that I have quite a stash, I can start blessing those around me and not feel selfish at all!  All the cards were made using Color Shine on either Heidi's Color Magic paper or Pink Paislee's Mistable paper.  I would love to know what you think of the cards and feel free to email me pics of your homemade cards.  I am always looking for inspiration.  Thanks for reading and have a great upcoming week!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

And the winner of the Color Shine by Heidi Swapp contest is...

Lorrie!  Thanks for playing, Lorrie.  Great job on all of your Color Shine colors.  You are going to love Primrose.  Everyone who missed out, be sure to look for more games in the future.  Have a great rest of the weekend!

Heidi Swapp's Color Shine Game using seam binding

Hello!  Did you learn your Color Shine colors?  I hope so.  Here is the game.  Look at the colors of seam binding below and name them from left to right, top to bottom.  Then, name the Color Shine I forgot to use (sad for that one!).  The first one that posts all the colors in the correct order and names the missing one will be the winner of your choice of a bottle of Color Shine.  Happy Winning and remember, no cheating!  I am off to a Hello Kitty birthday party (complete with a pink shirt and my pink glitter shoes) so I will try to check the posts during the party but if not, I will announce the winner later this afternoon.  Have fun!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sweet Innocence Layout using Heidi Swapp's Vintage Chic line and Pink Paislee's Mistables paper

Happy Friday! I shared a picture of this layout on instagram but wanted to share some closer shots.  I loved working on this layout because of the adorable picture of my two sisters, Tracy and Aimee.  I love those pink dresses and that blonde hair!  I used mostly Heidi Swapp's Vintage Chic line (of course!) as it goes so well with that soft photo.  I will give more description with the closer shots.  Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a fabulous weekend! 

For the title, I used the Vintage Chic letters to spell "sweet" and Color Magic letters for "innocence" sprayed with Primrose and Gold Lame Color Shine.

I made a vellum envelope and inked it and then sprayed it with Gold Lame.  I then sewed some beads with baker's twine through the holes.  For the tags inside the envelope, I used a Vintage Chic note on the bottom, a piece of rectangular paper next and then used my scallop punch for the top piece and added the buzz word "fun".  At the bottom of the envelope, I used a piece of Pink Paislee's Mistable paper, layered with a Color Magic banner and finished off with some pink pearls.

I used one half of a mini Vintage Chic folder (adorable!) to back my photo and then I added a few pieces of the 8x8 Vintage Chic paper on the left side to add more depth.  I distressed and inked the edges.  I also added pink pearls on the left side of the photo and on the bottom right of the layout.

I used one of the Vintage Chic paper banners to add my sister's names and the date of the photo.  I then used tulle (of course sprayed with Gold Lame Color Shine) and heated the edges and put that on the right side of the photo.  I also added spool buttons from Pink Paislee's Vintage Vogue line. I did sew a border before I added anything to the paper.  Thanks again!