Saturday, September 29, 2012

Friday Night Football: Both Teams Won???

I tried to get to my son's football game on time.  Really I did.  I just didn't take into account Friday night traffic or construction or my gps getting me lost (yes, I blame my gps!).  But get there I did and wow what an incredible finish to a (supposedly) great game.  Although the score reflected our team won this game, I witnessed something far better than a score on the scoreboard and consider both teams winners. 

First, we have an awesome junior high cheerleading squad.  Win or lose, they support those boys by cheering them on and encouraging them.  Those girls work really hard day in and day out and give up their social lives to support a group of boys.  After every game, they rally around the boys and do some game end cheer (top left pic).

Secondly, both teams gathered mid-field and prayed together.  Yes, I said that correct.  Junior high boys and their coaches praying on a football fied on a Friday night.  This is the pic on the top right.

Thirdly, the cheerleaders then joined them and prayed.  Awesome.  Pic is on the bottom left.

Finally, the boys and girls and coaches do something called Eagle Jacks...jumping jacks at the end of the game.  Aren't these kids tired enough?  Nope, I guess this is some end-of-the-game bonding ritual.  I probably would be passing out from exhaustion at that point, but not the team.  They did their ealge jacks (bottom right pic) and called it a game.

Seriously, what a cool thing to watch on a Friday night.  Two teams trying to win but in the end joining hands and thanking God that we exist, breathe and enjoyed a night of football.  I say that is success at its best.


  1. Wow, what a great thing to witness...

  2. really quite beautiful.