Monday, October 1, 2012

Heidi Swapp's Color Shine on Color Magic and Pink Paislee's Mistables Paper and Artisan Collection

Everyone is talking about the new Color Shine by Heidi Swapp and for good reasons.  Color Shine, by far, is the best mist on the market.  Now I am not an expert on misters (only the mister I have been married to for 21 years) but I have used quite a few different ones so I can speak from experience (the craft misters, people).  Of course, you can get way more information on Heidi's blog ( but here are my personal tips.

When you first purchase a bottle (or two or three or all of them!), make sure you shake that baby a long time.  Shake it until you hear the clicking.  If it goes past a minute, gently unscrew the lid and lift it up just a bit giving the liquid some air, put the lid back tightly and shake a little longer.  Great news!  You just worked your biceps and triceps and now are ready to spritz some vibrant intense color on pretty much anything! 

The spray radius can be quite large so make sure you either spray outside, in a box or on a large area such as a cleared off workspace.  I love the "spray radius quality" (I don't think that is an actual term) as you can cover quite a bit with just one spray.  When you don't want such an intense color on your paper, spray it like perfume in the air and move your paper into the spray but be outside for this one or you will have a nice coat of Color Shine on your floor (said from experience but washes off with water). 

If you want a burst of intense color on something small, put your item in an enclosed area or do like I did and cup your free hand around the item and spray. Viola!  The color washed off my hand with just water.  How great is that? Or as I have now figured out, I use my trash can under my desk for a quick spray of something small.

I love mixing colors, spraying one on top of another.  Get crazy and DON'T wait until the first coat dries.  It will give you a slightly different outcome.  Remember the texture you are spraying and the outcome you want.  If you are spraying burlap, for instance, you can spray it closer without getting too intense of a color.  I wanted a really intense tissue paper flower so I sprayed it quite close and the color is Vibrant (yes, with a capital V). 

I will share more of how I specifically used Color Shine on my latest layout for my next post.  For now, here are a few more items I misted from Color Magic Notes to chipboard to Pink Paislee's Artisan collection to tissue paper flowers.  I mainly used Mint Green and Gold Lame (lame is said with a French accent and pronounced "la-may". OK, so you don't need to have a French accent to actually say it properly). I like using the Mint Green on the bottom with a bit of Gold Lame on the top.  See if you can find the surprise item.


Cute surprise, huh?  Before you get all crazy on me about my dog, she was ready for a bath and truly did want a little Sweet Cherry and Mint Green Color Shine on her.  BTW, she cleaned up just fine but I proved you can use Color Shine to temporarily color your hair without lasting effects.  Please don't quote me on that.  If Phoebe loses all her hair later this week, I will let you know.


  1. Sissy, you are either cruel to Pheobe or hilariously funny. Love you!

  2. I can't believe you painted your dog. You better post a picture of her cleaned up.

  3. Love the colored pup!