Monday, October 1, 2012

Adorable Kids + Color Shine = Fun Layout with Color Magic paper and Pink Paislee's Artisan Collection

 Happy Monday and Happy October!
Wow, Christmas music will be playing on the radio soon.  We all say it, don't we?  "I can't believe how fast time goes."  I woke up asking myself this question:  Am I letting time fly past me or are do I take in all that is happening to me?  I would have to answer that I am probably 70/30.  70% of the time I truly take in time with my family and friends and enjoy each day to the fullest.  I need to think more about this but I probably won't (at least I am honest!).  You see, I am a doer and not so much a thinker.  This doesn't mean I don't think.  It means my personality is such that I don't spend lots of down time thinking through life and all the ups and downs.  I pretty much go with the flow. 

Enough of my thoughts...hey I did think!  This is my latest layout and I chose one that is outside the norm for me.  I have been wanting to try this style for a some time as it was inspired by a new friend, Judy, from Barcelona.  She is a fabulous artist and all of her layouts are so colorful.  Check out her blog ( 
I have sprayed the background paper with Color Shine.  I did this several ways.  Because Gold Lame is a lighter color, I sprayed that fairly close to my paper.  I didn't want as intense of a Mint Green color, so I sprayed it in the air like perfume and then waved my paper under it.  I explained that in my last post if you want to do this, it is best to go outside unless you want a light coating of Color Shine on your floor.  Good thing it washes right off with water.  I then sprayed one spray of the Mint Green in a bowl and grabbed a straw.  I dipped the end of the straw into the color.  NO, I did not breathe in at this point and please don't do that either. I then blew into the straw and onto the paper to give it a medium spray look.  Then for the larger splots, I dipped the straw back in the bowl and tapped the straw in various places on my paper.  I also did the straw method with Sweet Cherry.  Now, you can use the actual cap of the Color Shine as it has somewhat of a straw attached to it.  However, this really gives bigger splots that what I wanted. Whew, I hope that all makes sense.    

Here is where I used more of the Mint Green:  on a Color Magic Note (to the right of the banner), on the edges of the paper below (took a sponge and dipped it in my bowl and edged the paper with it), on the chevron strip under the Sunshine Trimming (which was sprayed with Gold Lame), on the Pink Paislee Artisan circle to the right of the pic and finally on the chipboard butterfly.  I used Sweet Cherry on a piece of white glitter paper that the photo is backed on.  I used a toothpick and again dipped it in the bowl of spray and painted the middle and edge of the butterfly.  Finally, I used a sponge to individually color the Color Magic banner. Thanks for reading.  Make it a great day!

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